When it’s quiet on the blog front, rest assured that “quiet” doesn’t begin to describe what’s happening in the office. (And yes, the blog can be extra quiet sometimes, but we think about it just as often!)

It’s a timely visit today as I learned through the grapevine – ok , the Internet – that it’s International Women’s Friendship Month. Here I was thinking all things fashion for this month and I learned that another “f” word is equally relevant in September.

I like fashion and I like friends, so this works out fabulously (sorry, for that last “f” – I couldn’t resist).

Friendships are sure to be formed this month at the first annual Working Women Conference at Mahaffey Theater. We’re excited to be a sponsor and to participate, as we re-connect with business associates and friends, and make some new ones! I’ll be facilitating a media panel/pitch session at the Conference and really look forward to hearing Mariska Breland (Fuse Pilates), Melody Biringer (The CRAVE Company), and all of the others speak.

Want in on the fun? Click here.


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