Image courtesy of StockVault

Image courtesy of StockVault

The month of September was book-worthy. Not best seller or Pulitzer Prize-winning reads here, but exciting enough to hold your attention while getting your hair done or in the waiting room of an appointment.

So basically, there is no justifiable reason that there is no blogging in September, other than the obviousness of what we’ve labeled The September “Issue as there was more than plenty of content, PR or business-related tips or just sheer entertainment of a day in the life at White Book. (A tidbit, as of Aug. 27 I was doing a site visit for Tampa Bay Fashion Week. The event started Sept. 13. Need I say more? Seriously, book-worthy.)

So nonetheless, we’re welcoming you (and ourselves) back! And we’re ready to share cool happenings, tips or ramble with you about the communications industry and its vast personality. Reach out to us, let us know how you are, what you’ve been up to and if you’ve had any book-worthy happenings!


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