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Being a resource for the media is our daily gig, so it makes us happy when they are happy!

Here are some tips that are helpful for staying on their good side and will ensure that you are prepared when your phone rings or your favorite media pro writes you back.

1) Have Unique Story Angles
Have some options when it comes to sharing your story. You will need to have some variations on your pitch so you don’t share the same story with all pubs. What if they don’t pick it up? Well, you can recycle the pitch, but make sure you are certain you’ve waited long enough and exhausted your angle.

2) Be Prepared With Pics & Details
Having great visuals can really assist in your story-telling. Having hi-resolution images of your products ready will make you seem prepared and saves everyone time. Also, have product and service descriptions, along with pricing, as needed. Another thing to have handy is information for contacts and sources (with permission) who might be in association with the story, plus the name of the photographer when photo credits are necessary.

3) Be Timely & Respond Promptly
We have a quick turn-around time when it comes to responding to media, via phone or e-mail. We’ll spare you how quick, so you won’t find us too abnormal. I’ve had the experience of working in the newsroom while in college and after graduating, plus internships at television and radio stations – and at all media outlets, it’s the same…they all have deadlines.

Are they always convenient? No. Did they wait until the last minute? Maybe. Do they have hole or space in their programming that needs to be filled? Possibly.

Do you want coverage? Then all of the above is irrelevant. You want to be ready when they are, so respond in a timely fashion!

Share your story and let us know ways you’ve kept the media smiling!

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