Inform-Educate-InspireAfter years of working in the communications industry, when it comes to securing press coverage we always say that “informing, educating and/or inspiring” people is important and popular (and probably will be for years to come). We’ve been reminded of this repeatedly the last several weeks through various coaching and training sessions we’ve conducted and we thought it’d be a great reminder to post on our blog.

When you open the doors to your business, people don’t always come running to purchase. And if they do, it doesn’t usually last or comes in waves and it’s important to know what to do with that down time, how to prepare for it by keeping your brand top of mind and/or what to do next.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day and forget to keep sharing your message – of why you started your business, why your products/services are important and how you’re impacting, changing, educating and inspiring lives.

Whether you’re dealing with your personal life, shuffling your kids back and forth or cooking dinner to fulfilling orders from customers, dealing with vendors and paying bills – sometimes your business message simply just isn’t being shared.

Oftentimes people come to PR and marketing firms like ours because they say: “I need to get my business out there!” Well, your business is out there (in the world), but you aren’t letting people know!

In the realm of communicating your message, there are several ways to do this – networking, advertising, word-of-mouth, and more. Another effective way that’s super beneficial? Media coverage.

Media coverage is undeniably valuable to business. When you’re in business, we’ve established that you need to let people know about your products and services. With media coverage, this is how you’ll also build credibility for your brand, how you’ll get in front of new customers and solidify your relationships with current customers, gather feedback and ultimately “getting out there” will usually result in sales for your company.

There are three things that the media often covers and your customers want to feel when they learn about you. They want to be: informed, educated, and/or inspired. If you think about one of these three things when you’re trying to obtain media coverage, you start to create story ideas that will attract the attention of the media.

Whether you’re pitching your story to the media yourself or keeping your PR firm involved so they can pitch ~ always look to inform, educate and/or inspire, and you’re bound to have a great story to share!

What other ways do you share your business story?

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