Beautiful beach No two days are ever alike at White Book Agency, but like every business, not every day is a whirlwind of activity. Sometimes in business things are steadily (and happily) moving along: you’re making sales, scheduling meetings, visiting clients, booking media (in our case!), etc. etc. You’re coasting and things are good.

Several sayings come to mind in situations like this: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” or “No news is good news” (this does not apply to news coverage, of course!), and several other “all is well” sayings. And this is great, but occasionally it’s good to shake things up and take advantage of times when things are steady moving. We don’t recommend creating for the sake of creating, but it’s an ideal time to experiment and try something different. Some suggestions:

1) Network in new circles. Attend a networking organization that you’ve never been to before. Most networking groups allow guests and it’s good to meet people outside of your normal networking circles.

2) Write letters. That’s right, pick up a pen and a piece of paper or note cards! Pick your top clients and send them a note. Most people only get solicitations or bills in the mail, your handwritten note (to let them know they’re a client fav) can be a nice surprise!

3) Sign up for a class. You can take some liberties with this tip and either do something for business or pleasure. Whether it’s a one-day course/webinar/seminar or over a span of time, learning activates your brain and sparks creativity. Who knows, you might come up with a new business or project idea to implement!

4) Go for a walk. Stepping away from your computer, getting some fresh air and taking a break is good. If you usually walk around the building with a co-worker, try doing so by yourself one day. Take in the silence and the day-to-day sounds. Sometimes when you are just “being” – you allow creativity to enter which is welcome in most routines.

5) Spontaneous travel. Summertime often includes vacations, but this bullet here is suggesting spontaneous travel on the business side. Whether it’s a drive down to the beach or a road trip to a neighboring area, pack light and book a day trip. We’re still talking business here, so bring a business book or your tablet (for writing/notes because you might not have wifi). Sometimes it’s good to just get a change of scenery and a new environment to work in. Things are going steady at the job, so there’s no risk, just reward and perhaps a dip in the water! (Too much to juggle with spontaneous travel and work? Take a half day! Live a little!)

What ways do you avoid or break up monotony at work?

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