is_it_time_for_some_prIf public relations isn’t on your mind in your business, it’s bound to be a point of conversation at some point – whether you’re an entrepreneur, new in business or you’ve been around for years.

There are numerous factors that help to determine whether public relations is right for your brand – timing, where you are in your business, the right agency fit, etc. – but it’s something that typically needs to occur. PR can bring visibility to your brand, which attracts more people, which means more people can purchase, and in order to be in business, well…every successful business needs sales!

So should you think about PR for your business all of the time? Not necessarily, but you should definitely think about it before you need it.

It’s easy to ignore or neglect communicating about your business when things are going well. You may even think that you don’t need a strategy for getting your brand message out into the world because the customers are “somehow” rolling in. Well, sitting around and waiting or simply riding the wave is not a good plan.

How do you know you need something before you actually need it? Well, if you’re in business – rest assured that you will need a communications strategy that is getting your message out into the world, reaching your target market, acquiring new customers, and maintaining a positive image in the marketplace. Before any big show, you know there was lots of practice! We’re not just talking about being media trained before you go on television or conduct an interview with a writer, journalist or host (although this part is very important and you want, no need, to be prepared). We’re talking about all of the preparation and ongoing work that goes into communicating and solidifying your message.

If you were a performer (or are one), imagine what it would feel like to be on stage with little to no practice. No matter how talented you are, you’re likely going to wish you put in some more work when the lights are shining on you. It’s easy to relate to this example when you’re about to go on air for a television interview or have a speaking engagement, but this scenario applies to your overall communications strategy as well. You want to be actively communicating and reaching out to your target market, and a good way to do this is via public relations.

A quick recap: Is it time for some PR? Maybe. Is PR right for your brand? Most likely. When should you think about PR? Before you need to! Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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