We’ve been remiss in sharing this information, so please forgive us, but we know some peeps who are giving away $1,000. A few months ago, our Nancy Vaughn of White Book Agency, became a trustee of Awesome Tampa Bay (chapter of the Awesome Foundation) and short story shorter, they give away money for, wait for it…awesome ideas!

That’s right, you have an awesome idea, pitch it to Awesome Tampa Bay, and if selected, they provide you with a microgrant of $1,000 to get it started.

We know you have an awesome idea in that brilliant mind of yours, and who couldn’t use the monies to get it started? Next application deadline is Sept. 15 and you can grab all the deets here: awesometampabay.org

Check out one of the recent award recipients, Urban Conga and their cool Pong in the Park idea!

pong in the park

Awesome Tampa Bay is an independent self-funded community dedicated to furthering the Awesomeness of the Tampa Bay area by giving out $1,000 grants for things that are, well, awesome. These microgrants are provided quarterly with no strings attached and no claims to ownership over the projects it supports.

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