Sometimes the best ideas come out of non-traditional collaborations. We always encourage our clients and colleagues to look beyond the obvious and the next 83 Degrees “Not Your Average Speakers” series is exploring this topic: “Cultivating Innovation at the Intersection of Arts & Technology.”

Humanities and the arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are often in separate buckets, but over the years wonderful inventions and collaborations have occurred. For instance, within the last year 3D printing and the fashion industry have been the talk of the town. Now 3D printing is not new, nor is the industry of fashion, but when married together, the creativity can be endless! A little imagination, innovation and collaboration = good stuff!

Join us and the conversation at the next 83 Degrees NYAS event. Details are below and click the image to RSVP!



Update: Check out the article in 83 Degrees.



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