cindy gallopThis week I (Nancy) was in San Francisco for The 3% Conference. It was an inspiring and fun two days with smart, creative women (as well as men who were smart enough to attend!), and it was great to reconnect with industry colleagues and meet new friends. The presentations were interesting and informative, and I’m sure attendees left feeling inspired, motivated and encouraged!

I wanted to share a few highlights from the closing keynote with Cindy Gallop, ad industry veteran and founder of If We Ran The World and Make Love Not Porn. Cindy encouraged the audience to “accelerate” the process for much-needed change in 2015. To work toward increasing the number of female creative directors and women in leadership roles and not have 2015 look like 2015 because it was moving at mach speed, turnt up, accelerated!

She shared three “accelerants” and they were:

Accelerant 1: Say what you think. No, really. Say what you really think.

Accelerant 2: Communication through demonstration. Cindy shared how women challenge the status quo simply because women are never the status quo! Just as much as we are communicating our messages for change, we must demonstrate our commitmentcindy gallop2 to changing the ratio.

Accelerant 3: Lightbulb it. At White Book Agency, we always encourage everyone around us, from our clients to our vendors, to “shine bright” and Cindy shared how highlighting the positives, innovative and radical happenings is a must in 2015.

And finally, one of her key takeaways was: “If nobody speaks up nothing changes…Don’t go back to business as usual.

Agreed! Business as usual is le boring!

What accelerants do you have for yourself? Your business? Your message in 2015? Share with us!

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