Renewed focus and optimism abound this time of year. I’m all for fresh starts, although I believe in them every day, and if I need to give myself another “new” kick-off, I do!

We’re setting our goals and resolutions for the year for ourselves, personally and professionally, and goals we’d like to achieve for our clients. One of the things I always encourage is big dreams, and to do that requires imagination. Sometimes the hectic pace of day-to-day work and life can leave little room for imagination.

We all know that kids have great imaginations – from dreaming up invisible friends to islands made of chocolate fudge and cotton candy. This year, do a throwback to your younger years and tap into your brilliant imagination! Commit to doing this at least monthly (schedule an “imagination day” if you have to) or let using your imagination be your default for challenges…imagine if…imagine that…imagine what it would be like if…

There are no rules to this, it’s your imagination after all – but there are some things to remember:

1) Remove your filter. Some of your best ideas, solutions to challenges, etc. will come from you being able to remove the filter and let your mind get some exercise and explore outrageous creative solutions and territories.

2) Box? What Box? Don’t try too hard and ignore the pressure of making sure you’re “thinking outside the box.” You have the capabilities to wander around your brain and its brilliance. You don’t need to try to think outside of the box, with imagination practice, you’ll be doing this naturally. (Admittedly, this does not come with ease for everyone, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.)

3) Have fun! We believe we have smart clients, vendors, followers and readers, so you’ll know when it’s not feasible to proceed, but you may as well have a good time thinking up on some colorful ideas!

What other ways can you tap into your great brain power and imagination? Here’s to no limits in 2015 ~ live large and shine bright!



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