As we’re all “making things happen!” this month, we’re reminded of the importance of doing a pulse check along the way. The momentum and excitement can have some businesses making commitments too soon, spending money too early, and/or quickly loosing control of a situation.

On another note, it’s also important to know when to take risks. Are you stretching yourself? As long as you’re remaining focused on your vision and goals, a little bit of experimentation is encouraged!

Never done a television interview before? Perhaps this is the year you decide to go on air!

Want to start a podcast? Perhaps this is the year you launch that show!

Feel like you want to turn up your PR and marketing efforts? Reach out to a firm and schedule a consult! (We know of one!)

Want to be on the speaking circuit and share your knowledge and expertise? It’s time to get your topics and speaker sheet together!

Whatever it is, let’s all take a cue from Sir Richard Branson…

screw it let's do it

Enjoy the journey!

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