Last week we had the pleasure of hearing Gloria Steinem speak at The Centre for Women‘s first annual Helen Gordon Davis Waves of Change luncheon where Ms. Gloria Steinem was the honored award recipient.

It was awesome to hear her discuss various topics ranging from women’s issues to incorporating men into the larger conversation on equality and diversity. Check out some Twitter snippets:

Gloria Steinem Feb 2015

(Note: Being fans of butterflies, we’ve heard about the imaginal cell in caterpillars, natch, so we were especially delighted when that was shared!)

Lisa Brock of Brock Communications gave a moving intro before Gloria made her way to the stage, and Stacie Schaible, news anchor with WFLA News Channel 8, conducted the interview and Q&A session.

The 87th Academy Awards is this weekend (Feb. 22, 2015) and reminds us of a question that Stacie asked Gloria – she asked: “What’s it like to be you?” Gloria responded by saying that she knew nothing different, and therefore, being her was, as expected, pretty fantastic! Gloria said that actors are sometimes recognized/known for something that isn’t them [i.e the characters they play] and it drives some of them crazy. She is recognized for being herself, and she found that to be ideal.

We definitely agree!

Update: Read highlights from the Helen Gordon Davis Waves of Change event here!

be yourself


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