It’s no secret, we share stories here and this sometimes involves analogies to explain. Every once in awhile I’m reminded of a coffee analogy that I’ve applied to business – which is only strange because I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I do, however, like tea.

Well, my coffee example goes like this: In the world of social media, hype and noise making, there’s a lot of people touting that they have the best coffee on the planet. And then people (customers) order a cup, taste the coffee and bleh!! Or perhaps it’s not so bad, but it’s definitely not all that the signage says it’s cracked up to be, it’s just “meh” coffee.

I’ve heard that Colombian coffees are phenomenal, and Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees are also widely recognized. And I’m sure there are other regions well-known for their delicious, exquisite coffees. That should be every businesses’ goal. To be well-known for greatness, not “it’ll do.”

It won’t matter what you say or what the package looks like if the product or service is mediocre. It’s like anything “authentic” – once you’ve experienced the real thing, it’s hard to settle for an imitation.

How are you remaining like the best cup of coffee or tea or the finest wine in your business?


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