Next month is not simply September. It’s a month of green drinks, swift movements and quick conversations in between all of the fashion! YES!! It’s the September 2015 issue that’s filled with lots of style and fun!

Extra thick glossies have been arriving in the mail and hitting newstands (e.g. Beyonce on the cover of the actual September issue of Vogue), NYFW around the corner (Sept 10-17), Tampa Bay Fashion Week (Sept. 16-19), and we’ve got clients like International Plaza and Bay Street celebrating with their Get Your Style On event (Sept. 10-23). Plus there’s our stylish clients who are also participating in festivities. It’s enough to make things a little extra hectic and crazy.

We hope that you’ll join us on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) to keep up with the fashion (and business) happenings and also, be sure to join the Fashion PR & Marketing community on G+ and get in on the conversation.

And if things start to get a little crazy your way, just remember:

a little nuts

Peace, Love & Fashion!

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