Gender bias, wage disparity, and other issues of inequality in the workplace, are, unfortunately, prevalent throughout a variety of industries. Women are (and have been) speaking up though (along with smart men!) to encourage equality across the board and support the value of choice and options for all.

Our friends at The 3% Movement have been working toward normalizing the playing field for women in creative director and executive roles at agencies. This week they launched their survey, Elephant on Madison, which will give women the chance to share what life is really like in an ad agency. Inspired by the Elephant in the Valley survey which looked at women in the tech industry, Elephant on Madison was developed in partnership with Michele Madansky who conducted the original study.

If you’re a woman in an ad agency, we hope that you’ll take the time to fill out this survey and have your voice heard! Results for the survey will be revealed at the 3% Conference this year in NYC on Nov. 3-4. Learn more about the survey here.

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