There’s a lot happening in our hectic world of media, and it’s a rather intense and somewhat sensitive time (which can be witnessed via social media).

It reminds me of the importance of effective communication (professionally and personally), and also how certain basic skills have a better chance of being received when we remember that communication goes beyond any one person talking.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to communicate effectively, from the board room to class room to any other room, if you want to deliver a good message and desire for yours to be heard!

1) Try to do more listening than talking. Such a vital part of communication, actively listening will allow you to connect with the other person. This doesn’t mean you’ll necessary like or agree with what s/he is saying, but it will helps you better address the critical elements of the conversation. Also, you’ll have a better grasp (through listening and observation) of the things that may be said without actually being verbalized.

2) When you ask someone a question, allow them to respond. In full sentences. Don’t interrupt or fill in sentences by assuming you know what comes next. (You can fill in if the person genuinely is looking for your assistance. If you’re actively listening, you’ll know when!)

3) Recap what you heard. This lets the person you’re talking to know that you heard her/him and that you understand. It also allows for any confusion to be cleared up and removes assumptions.

4) Keep it classy. Refrain from the desire to be snarky or sarcastic. Even if it’s funny, because…sometimes it’s not!

5) Consider your environment, timing and method. Some conversations are better had when you’re in the right environment at the right time. Sometimes face-to-face is ideal, and sometimes you have to just pick up the phone. Use your discretion before engaging in a conversation that may be better had at another time or through a different mode of communication.

Let us know what tips you have that can ensure effective communication!

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