Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of creatives ranging from fashion designers to heart-centered entrepreneurs in the lifestyle space, including wellness and green businesses.

Sometimes it’s difficult for individuals to see how creativity enhances and benefits the lives of others daily. This includes business owners who get caught up in the demands of running their business, the work, etc. In the most basic sense, we know that a great outfit can make someone feel (and look) great, and a beautiful piece of art can brighten a person’s spirit. Beyond that though, creativity can have a lasting impact because of its ability to attract the attention of others and its staying power (to keep spreading a message).

If you work in creative, on the opposite end of the hectic nature of work ~ it can also be easy to simply get caught up in the gorgeous work you do or sometimes the work may distract from your bigger goals or message.

We encourage our clients, and we’re encouraging you, our readers, to use your creativity and platform for something greater than the pretty (if you haven’t done so already).

Ask yourself:

  • What does my business stand for?
  • Aside from producing a beautiful garment or decorating a fantastic space ~ how do I want my work to inspire others?
  • What feeling do I want people to walk away with?
  • Can this project have greater reach through collaboration? (think strategic partnerships)

When you come from this place of creating ~ with a focus of really making a statement with your work ~ you’ll find that you are sparking even more inspiration for others and yourself, and ultimately touching more lives.

Oh, and from a PR perspective, you have much more richer stories to share with the world. Along with a variety of angles that may range from the creative work you do to personalized accounts/experiences to organizations you support.

Taking a stance isn’t a matter of politics but of humanity. Creativity is about humanity. The beautiful nature of what we all stand for.

(Note: This post was inspired by this article. A good follow-up showing an example of: meaningful work, having a message, platform use, and some…missing the message.)



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