When it comes to fear, there are several things that can come to mind ~ from the serious to obvious (or not so obvious). I’ll spare you and refrain from rattling off a list of possible fears – we can all just quickly run negative with our imaginations here and you’ll get the idea! The worst of the worst fears aren’t usually what get in our way. It’s the acronym I’ve heard used for fear – false evidence appearing real – which tends to nag and annoy us.

I’m not a fearful person, but I’ve had my bouts while working toward fearlessness. It’s not always clear whether I’ve just courageously pressed on despite my fears or if I didn’t have the good sense to question what I was doing and stop myself – ha! Either way, the racing heart beat, doubt, hesitation, anxiety, and all of that, I’ve experienced. Sometimes fear propels us to do things we wouldn’t normally do (hello, flight or fight!) and it can turn out fine or be great. And other times it can stop us in our tracks.

Why all of this talk about fear? My friend, Shavalerie Thurman, producer at CNN, and I will be speaking at the Fear Paradox Summit later this week in Chicago. Our session is called: Mindset & The Media: Making Your Business Newsworthy in the Current Media Landscape.

Since opening White Book Agency, I’ve given presentations on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship/business, public/media relations, fashion, diversity/inclusion, and more. I created this one: “Mindset & The Media” because over the years I’ve learned that “mindset” can play a big part in securing media coverage and reaching an audience. From understanding the media and their process to being in the right mindset, it really makes a difference when properly preparing for the media journey. I asked my friend, Shavalerie to join me because her expertise and experience at a major, national cable news network brings valuable insight on how the current media landscape is, and we’ll be discussing ways that brands can navigate through it all.

I’m excited to have a chance to work with a college friend (here we come, Chicago!), and also to share the stage with a fantastic line-up of change-making women from various industries. These speakers will guide attendees through several tracks from executive to wantrepreneur, and cover topics from neuroscience to investing/fundraising to marketing. So…don’t fear if you feel the earth move this weekend! #fearparadoX

If you’re in Chicago, or have some friends who are in the area who might like to attend the conference, message us for a special “Friends of White Book” rate.

To Your Fearlessness,


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