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It was an inspiring and informative good time at the Fear Paradox Summit last month, where lots of fearless women came together who are positively making a difference in their professions.

In addition to the Mindset & The Media: Making Your Business Newsworthy in the Current Media Landscape workshop, I also spoke on a separate media panel. During the Lightning in a Bottle session, I enjoyed conversations with Denise Senter of XXL Sales & Marketing (moderator); Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om; Melissa Harris, a former business columnist at the Chicago Tribune and founder of M.Harris; and Shavalerie Thurman, a producer at CNN and personal friend of mine.

During the panel, we spoke about our business experience, provided media industry insight, and took questions from the audience. There was a lot of “girl power” focus ~ because being a woman really is enough! Have you seen us? Are you one of us? Pretty bad ass! Period.

That’s obvious. Not to everyone, but definitely to most who are paying attention.

When we talked about pitch ideas, I commented about moving beyond the obvious. I said that we all know that there are shortages of women in the industries of finance, technology, and more. In that room of women, I knew that we all knew this to be the case. So once we tell that story – about how there’s not enough of us in an industry and how we actually make it better when we have a seat at the table and we’re appreciated for it – we have to keep telling those stories (until we don’t have to anymore); but we also have to think beyond that and encourage people to think with us.

Some of the things I shared there, that I’d like to share with you that may help with your PR efforts include asking yourself the following questions:
How can you lend your voice to your industry?
Beyond being a part of the industry (whatever it is), what ways are you moving the needle forward? Even if it’s in a small way, it makes a difference and there are ways to tell your story. Think not just about how you’re a part of an industry, but specifically how you are making an impact and why it matters.

What can you add to the conversation?
What is happening in your industry that you can speak up about? Whether it’s something innovative or a challenge that needs to be overcome, how can you get in on the conversation? What’s making the news in your industry now, and were can you lend your insight?

How can you be a support to others?
What insight and knowledge do you have that might position you as a thought leader in your industry? Think of all of the industry insight you have acquired over the years, in what ways can you share that with others? Whether it’s sharing your insight on TV, a written piece on your blog, or a speaking engagement, there are ways your knowledge and skills can inform others.

We hope that you get in on the conversations and share your stories! Need help moving beyond the obvious? Contact us!


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